About Huff Group

Our Group Consists of Seasoned Professionals.

Huff Group Values


  • Huff Group agents take on the fiduciary responsibility to maintain loyal to their clients at all times, no matter the situation. It is their number one priority to be your advocate and ensure your interests are always being met.


  • Huff Group agents know they have to earn your trust, especially if they are working with one of your most financially significant assets. This is why Huff Group agents are always honest and actively work to protect your personal and financial goals.


  • Obviously Huff Group agents love to share great news with their clients when it comes along, but often times they have to share some tough news. While this isn’t easy, they know it is best to always be transparent with you.


  • While Huff Group agents love getting to know their clients, it is still their job to work their hardest to help you buy or sell a home. They are all determined to exceed your expectations by staying focused and doing everything they can to serve you.


Core Values

  • To create an enjoyable experience for ourselves and others.
  • To set expectations and exceed all expectations.
  • To inform, advise and guide through the process with a high level of communication and professionalism.

How We Stand Out

  • Client Care Team

The Client Care Team at Huff Group consists of a Listing Coordinator, Transaction Coordinator, Call Specialist and Business Manager. Each one specializes in a different aspect of the real estate transaction; ensuring fast service with no detail going unnoticed.

  • #1 in Client Satisfaction

For over 10 consecutive years, Huff Group has been ranked as the #1 Keller Williams Group for client satisfaction. This is based on surveys Keller Williams sends out to past clients.

  • Easy Exit Policy

Huff Group never wants to force a client into an agreement they are not comfortable with. If for any reason a client wishes to cancel their contract with Huff Group, they can, as long as a 24 hour notice is provided.

  • After Service Program

Work With Us

Professionalism is our prerogative. We are not just realtors, we are a group packed full of seasoned professionals that specialize in different aspects of our business. This allows us to work as a well oiled machine. Every detail of your transaction will be attended to.