Childproofing your Home: Keep Loved Ones Safe

Childproofing your Home: Keep Loved Ones Safe

  • TE Cunningham
  • 09/13/21

Parenthood brings many joys, but it also adds an element of fear – you are forever responsible for another life. And in today’s world, it is essential to make yourself aware of risks to your children that live in your own home. Here is one scary statistic – more than a third of child injuries and deaths happen in the home.


Childproofing your home is a must as a new parent, but it is also something grandparents, close friends who will be babysitting, and others who might host your child should think about. Dangers include water, heat, flames, poisonous products, falls and choking on items.


Here is a general checklist you can use as a good start on creating a safe, new home for your child:


Childproofing checklist:


  • Securing doors to unsafe rooms and using doorknob covers ensure your child can’t get into spaces that aren’t safe
  • Cabinet Locks that may contain hazardous objects require safety locks- internal or external
  • A Stove Guard removes the burners from your child’s reach
  • Appliance Latches secure appliances from exploring babies and young children
  • Electrical Outlet Inserts are simple plastic plug-ins that stop tiny fingers from jamming anything into this dangerous area
  • Baby Gates protect babies and toddlers from a tumble down the stairs
  • Window Guards are an intelligent choice to prevent your child from falling out of the window
  • A Fireplace Gate will ensure your child is a safe distance away from the open flame while the fire is burning.
  • Sharp Edge Cushions are a good choice for furniture with edges that could cut – such as end tables
  • A Secure Pool Gate is an absolute must if you have a pool
  • Parental TV controls and controlled computer access for children a bit older is essential to both their physical and emotional safety


The above list is by no means an exhaustive one, but it should provide a good start down the road to ensuring your child’s safety at home.

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